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Happy Holidays

The Holiday season and New Year is coming and I would love to wish you all the best!

Tool: Photoshop

Holiday Wreath

This graphic is designed for 2018 Winter holidays. The Christmas wreath, so colorful and welcoming, is as packed as a snowball with tradition and symbolism.

Tool: Photoshop

Family Day at the Beach

This illustration was created to test the color palette of yellow and purple.

Tool: Sketch

Luke's First School Day

Luke loves to play outside with bubbles, water, scooter, swings and sliders. He also enjoys a lot playing with his construction vehicles and waring his Native. To celebrate his first day in school, I created this illustration incorporating his favorites and wished him good luck in the new environment.

Tool: Photoshop
Inspiration: Miguel Camacho

Midnight Fun

Tool: Sketch

Goodbye to my Freestyle Days

Luke is big fan of construction vehicles.
He was super happy to see himself standing together with these giant monsters.

Tool: Photoshop

Luke was 2

Luke is in a paradise.
The illustration is featured things he loves, excavators, puppy, fireworks, ice cream, carrots, and giraffe.

Tools: Photoshop, Keyshot
Inspiration: Monument valley


Imitation and practice work.
I used photoshop to create the 3D look illustration.

Tool: Photoshop
Origin: Jean Pierre Le Roux

Miami Landscape

Freehand drawing + Photoshop coloring

Horseshoe Bay

Freehand drawing + Photoshop coloring

Perspective of Theme Park Design

Freehand drawing + Photoshop coloring