Hi! I'm Chen

Passionate | Creative | Deliberate

Hi, I’m Chen, a China-born, Hong Kong-raised and Chicago-based UI/UX designer. I love to please eyeballs with beautiful visuals and engage users with delightful experiences and fun interactions. After a decade of academic and professional experience in landscape design and six months in Designation, I’ve developed strong skills and confidence in concepting, designing, testing, and iterating native apps and responsive websites.

I’m currently designing the app that violinists love at Trala, Inc. I'm responsible for all phases of the UX process, from user interview, concepting and information architecture to wireframing, user testing and prototyping. I also contribute to define the visual style and motion designs. I'm growing with the company and the product we are making.

Want to solve problems, or just say 👋 ?
Email me: bmweugene@gmail.com